Thank you for your kind words!

Just amazing!

I always knew my wedding would be different. I dreamed a lot, imagined, but never would have thought that in September 2016 my dream will become a reality. We are very happy and unconditionally satisfied with the work Inunisonwed in the face of Kristina. Throughout the period of preparation, we constantly kept in touch, asked questions and received detailed answers. We discussed our desires and got a stunning result.

Everything was in our spirit, on our wave. The official registration of documents went as smoothly as possible. All documents in Russia are valid and have already been successfully translated and processed. Kristina supported from the stage of filling in the form and before signing and certification of the last paper.

Our wedding day was very exciting, but at the same time very calm. We didn't make a fuss, not nervous, and do nothing except wonder about each other. Only for these feelings I would erect a monument to Kristina. I had the most beautiful hairstyle , the most sincere photographer, the most incredible bouquet and the most burning eyes! You know, there's a nice feeling of security when you feel confident, supportive, when everything is under control. All our communication before was at a distance, and at that distance we were completely heard.  

We were like in the movies, and we felt like movie stars. On the streets, walking all the passers-by were met with smiles, greetings and applause. Our ceremony was on the background of Manhattan on a beautiful yacht to your favorite music. This moment was just for the two of us, and I still get goosebumps. I remember my trembling voice, my husband's smile and sincere laughter from our team. And I remember the Shine of my dress, the aroma of my bouquet and the taste of coconut cake with champagne.  And happiness. Add to all this the sunset in the most picturesque corner of New York, the lights on the skyscrapers and the songs of Frank Sinatra.  If I had lived this day again, I would have done the same thing. Thank you for our fairy tale and for the most unforgettable day just for the two of us! You are now an important friend of our little family, and we truly miss you!


It's indescribable!

I used to think that you can only get married in Vegas, it turned out you can get married anywhere!!! Then we thought, " New York!!!" Definitely New York!!!! But I needed serious help! Help known as the Wedding Agency "In Unison", a professional photographer Larisa Shorina, flower fairy Maria from bloomroomnyc and sorceress Dasha and Lisa, who made me a Princess (at least I felt). Kristina, thank you very much for almost 2 months listened to my concerns, sometimes silly questions, suffered uncertainty in the date, bouquet, documents and many other things, helped me to understand everything and was in touch almost around the clock. Larisa, thank you for your skill, mood, support, interest in the result of shooting , for being with you so easily, for your style of photography, which you fall in love at first sight!! The bride's bouquet... I wondered if I needed it, I didn't want to waste it, but now I'm really glad that it was! After all, he made me a real bride! I didn't know what it would be until the last, just sent a photo of the flowers I liked to the organizer, and Maria did exactly what I wanted, but could not describe!!! As if I had read the thoughts!Bouquet traveled with me as much as to Los Angeles)) Girls thank you! Thanks to your talent, half of new York has told me what I'm like "Cute", "Beautiful" and "Your husband is so lucky man!" It's indescribable! For life! Love you all! I do not know how soon, but we will meet again!!!


It really was a dream!

Our big day began all wrong... cold, long...all around was shrouded in dense fog. What is a wedding? What there Rockefeller center? Visibility-zoro! And how happy I was that you agreed and were able to organize, arrange and reschedule the shoot, make the next day, our little guardian angel, our witness Kristina. If at least one of our team could not, it would be a fiasco! And this day was preceded by endless doubts , and I am sure that I tortured you with my questions about the choice of a bouquet, make-up, the necessary documents, you have angelic patience!! Day has passed as one moment!!! We have only heard: Bello, belissimo, cute, beautiful dress, congratulations. Oh this atmosphere... in addition to Vladimir we were taking pictures of the crowds of tourists....and HE was proud and said to me: "They're all looking at you, you're the best!" Butterfly still not get enough in my stomach. How do you want to make those memories a little longer was in color, is not erased from memory. It really was a dream and you, Kristina helped bring to life!


Such positive emotions!

I'm ready to marry him again and again ❤ ️probably this is the real love!
Well, if you are looking for a wedding/persuade (when married to husband))) in New York, you are here "In Unison".
Great team, listen /advise / make a dream come true. All you get is a lot of fun without the fuss, and as a result-the documents that can be exchanged in Russia for a Russian marriage certificate. (and other countries)
Well, speaking of personal feelings...Guys, this is a Great! There is a completely different atmosphere, starting with the fact that you are walking on streets that were previously seen in the movie. To the fact that people are more open and uninhibited. On this day, we were congratulated by all: and modest children, blushing and saying that we are like a Prince with Princess, and old men with many years of family experience, and even, puzzled by the Dow Jones index clerks, running headlong-also had time to sharpen your eyes on a joyful event and some asked: "You are Real newlyweds? Or just models ?"And then my husband proudly replied : "this real!" showing engagement ring))) and then added: "for 2 years."
In General, came home from such positive emotions!!
So, even if you are already "not the first year married" -  On the contrary, play this day in different countries/styles / traditions! Kindle emotions and feelings again and again!


So great time!

Dear Kristina!

We would like to say thank you for planning and holding the main holiday in our life. You're the one who made it so memorable. Every time we panicked, we called you, and every time you found words of comfort that could calm us down, support and cheer us up. At that time it seemed that all that we have conceived is simply impossible to translate into reality, but...you were able to prove that Impossible is nothing!
It's been a few months since our wedding, and we still remember our adventures, view photos and videos, as if living anew our best day that you helped organize.

So... 🙂  Thank you so much for taking us by the hand and held through all this wedding turmoil, we are happy to have found you and we have only the brightest and happiest memories of our wedding day! Our expectations and desires were realized thanks to you!

Tatiana and Valeryi